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Eevee's MOFU-MOFU Stuffed Toy Slippers

  *This English article is written by Shinichi and tokyocabin.

These are actually stuffed toy slippers, if you'll ask me.

>> When I saw it, Amazon was resurrected!

The Eevee slippers has finally arrived...

Just pray that it won't TACKLE (this is a pokemon Move) you.


In Amazon it was already sold out. It's like a best seller for Pokemon fans, perhaps. So I ordered from the Pokemon Center Online

It arrived in a huge cardboard box. Kind of convenient for this kind of item.

At the front view, eye level, it would seem like a stuffed toy. Not  slippers. It has a feeling of stuffed toy with mofumofu. It's very comfortable and it stands out even if you don't like it, so you can't wear it casually.


My size is 24 cm and it was actually the ONLY SIZE when I ordered. Although I suggest that the company should make L and LL sizes in the same series, by this year or the next if possible. Especially with the upcoming new Pokemon game, Pokemon Sword and Shield. 


It is quite thick and has a small opening for the foot. So it's kind of hard the first time putting it on. Additionally, it does not make a sound. It's so soft and comfy. I'm not taking it any sooner.


There was an anti-slip on the undersole of the slippers. I did not expect it.It's comfy and it almost feels like a super thick socks or mittens to wear.It is very ideal to wear it for dancing or doing Tai Chi and Wing Chun because it does not easily wear off. Well, you can even try rock dancing with it, or jumping for some electronic dance music.

It's absolutely better than the previous Eevee slippers! I just hope that while wearing the slippers for a long time, it's not gonna evolve to a Jolteon (it is an evolution of Eevee in Pokemon) or to a Sylveon! That might be scary and at the same time fun!


By the way, these slippers are 2,700 yen.
For me, it's an excellent slippers that's made very carefully. 


If you want it, you should buy it at Pokesen but expect that it's gonna be sold out from time to time. You should check it every time for new stocks.

ポケモンセンターオリジナル スリッパ MOFU-MOFU PARADISE イーブイ


*This article is originally written in Japanese.